We manage and minimize

Risks resulting from current operations
and unexpected events.

Safe business

Acquisition of data while maintaining standards of business ethics.

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Detective services

Qualified employees and maintain the utmost discretion.

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Trademark protection

The company EMES & Partners offers you specialized services in the field of brand protection and trademark.

The brand is a name, term, symbol, distinguishing specific goods from a similar, manufactured by the companies competitive. In a market economy brand has its price, "good brand" is the foundation of business success.

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Mysterious shopping

Key to the effective company management is appropriate personnel management and control of outsourced activities.

We offer quantity and quality examination and research of employees, which is necessary to efficient personnel management.

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Business office

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Central office

ul. Mickiewicza 1/5
33-100 Tarnów

T: +48 14 650 50 60
E: biuro@emesipartnerzy.pl

EMES differently

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It should help not only for others but also for himself.
We run a variety of charities, we set goals and share the passion that unites us.